North Haven Primary School

Dolphin Rangers

The North Haven School Dolphin Ranger Program is open to all interested students in Years 3 to 7. The aims of the program are for students to...

• learn about the Port River dolphins and their habitat
• take action that promotes a sustainable environment
• educate others about the Port River dolphins
• to be involved in fundraising activities that support the Port River dolphins

At the start of the year Dolphin Rangers participate in a Training Day. The students in Years 3 to 5 spend a day at the Maritime Museum participating in a range of information sessions and activities including going out on the Archie Badenoch to observe dolphins. Information sessions are run by a range of presenters and have included people from the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary and the Australian Marine Wildlife Research and Rescue Organisation (AMWRRO)

Students in Years 6 and 7 have often been Dolphin Rangers for several years so their training day provides activities that extends their knowledge and have a greater focus on learning about the ecosystem in which the dolphins live. Part of their training day is to participate in a kayak tour of the Garden Island mangroves.

During the year students participate in a range of activities including …
• guest speaker visits
• sharing and discussing information provided through the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Newsletter
• developing slide show presentations
• sharing information at assemblies
• exploring dolphin related websites
• writing newsletter articles
• lunch time activities in the Dolphin Ranger Room
• fundraiser activities including running a stall at the ADS Dolphin Day held at Port Adelaide
• visiting AMWRRO
• initiatives to maintain and improve the school and local environment

Money raised goes towards sponsoring a Port River Dolphin and being a member of AMWRRO. We have also used money raised to support the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group in purchasing a Mascot Costume. Students were involved in naming it ‘Splash’.

North Haven School promotes environmental sustainability with all students through class programs and school activities. Every year each class raises money for the Port River dolphins and the money is donated to AMWRRO, The school also has established an indigenous food trail and a dry wetland, has an air monitoring station and encourages recycling and composting.