North Haven Primary School

Dress Code Policy

The items that are acceptable

The items that ARE NOT acceptable

Navy blue bottoms including skirts, skorts, shorts, trousers, cargo pants and leggings. (Shorts and skirts are to be mid-thigh length)
Navy blue or pale blue T-shirts, polo shirts. Navy blue jumpers and windcheaters. Blue and white check school dress. (Navy sport briefs/bike pants are recommended to be worn under skirts and dresses).
Navy blue or white socks are encouraged when socks are visible.

Any colours that are not school colours.
No denim
Fashion shorts that are very short – that expose inappropriate amounts of flesh.
Clothes with writing or pictures larger than a 50c coin.
Make up and nail polish.

Must cover shoulders, back and stomach

Sleeveless, backless or short tops that show midriff.

Worn from Sept 1st – 30th April, plus when the UV rating is 3 or above.
Navy blue broad brimmed or legionnaire hats, which protect ears and neck. (Daily U.V. noted in bulletin for wearing hats.)

Baseball caps
Damaged or graffiti covered hats

Shoes/sneakers or sandals with backs.
It is not necessary for footwear to be in school colours.
All shoes must allow active participation in sport activities.

Thongs, ugg boots and wedge/high-heeled shoes.

Medic alert bracelet/necklace, a watch studs or sleeper earrings
Hair and Accessories:
In the interest of O.H.& S, it is highly encouraged that student’s hair be tied back from the face.
Hair ribbons, headbands in navy blue, pale blue or white.
Winter coats are acceptable but are to be removed inside classrooms along with plain navy blue, pale blue or white scarves and beanies.

Fashion jewellery - hoop and drop earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and jewellery associated with body piercing

Non-school coloured headbands, hair ties, bandanas.

Dress Code Order Form - click to download....

For exemptions for health, religious or cultural reasons please contact the Principal.