North Haven Primary School



  • Classes are situated in units of 2-4 classrooms and have ducted heating and cooling.
  • Units are connected by covered walkways and a shared covered courtyard.
  • The library resource area contains a number of computers which are available for student work. It also houses a portable Interactive White Board and a fixed IWB. The Theatre provides a multipurpose learning area.
  • The Gymnasium provides space for Physical Education lessons, dance and sports coaching. The gymnasium is also fitted with a large screen and projector which is available during assemblies for sharing students’ ICT products.

Information Technology

  • The ICT room contains 30 touch screen computers and is available to be booked by classes.
  • The school has banks of Ipads which are available for borrowing by classes.
  • Each unit has several notebooks for access by the students
  • Each student has access to an XO laptop computer
Computer Room


  • North Haven School has a canteen which is operated by parent and friend volunteers.
  • The canteen is run in line with the ‘Right Bite’ Healthy Eating Guidelines.
  • The canteen holds special lunches and fundraising events throughout the school year

Staff Facilities

  • The staff have access to the staff room and teacher preparation room in the Administration Building. Each unit contains a shared teacher preparation room, a withdrawal room and a general purpose wet area.
  • The library resource area has a number of staff working areas which are equipped with wireless internet access.
  • All staff have notebook computers and ipads and access to Interactive White boards.

Access for students and staff with disabilities

  • In 2012 the Administration building was upgraded with ambulant and disabled toilet facilities.  All buildings and playground areas have wheelchair and walking frame accessibility.


  • A train service to Adelaide operates within easy walking distance from the school.