North Haven Primary School

North Haven School Profile

North Haven School aims to develop positive participants of the world community who are equipped to meet lifelong challenges and who think and act locally and globally. Our mission is to educate tomorrow’s child today by providing a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum, reflective of current research, where students are continuously engaged in learning through well resourced learning environments, quality teaching practices and collaborative partnerships that stimulate learners’ curiosity and creativity and fosters dispositions that promote environmental, cultural, social and financial sustainability.

Our values of respect, responsibility, honesty, care, courage, optimism and success are foundation stones which direct and focus the interpersonal relationships of all members of the North Haven School community.

The Australian Curriculum is implemented through high quality teaching and learning pedagogical practices as described in the Teaching for Effective Learning Framework and Early Years Framework.

The school, a Sustainable Schools Focus School, plays an important role in the community through its participation in the regeneration of indigenous plant species and rejuvenation of neighbouring land. One of the unique features of the school is the ‘Dolphin Rangers Training Program’. The program focuses on developing student action in environmental sustainability through its focus on the care and health of the marine environment in protecting our local population of dolphins.

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