North Haven Primary School


At North Haven School we aim to engage students in an enjoyable and varied Japanese program so that learning a second language is both a fun and rewarding experience. Each class will attend two x 45 minute Japanese lessons a week and classes will be covering a variety of topics throughout the year.

Students also have a chance to attend special events throughout the year, such as the Western Region 6/7 Hiragana Quiz and Japanese Quiz Day. We also have Japanese activities and events attend our school, such as Taiko Drumming performances and Sumo Suits!

Oral Interaction: Many of the spoken tasks that we undertake allow for repetition and imitation. Some activities include singing, role playing, story sharing, reading aloud and game playing.

Reading: Students will be provided with many opportunities to read and recognise “Hiragana” as individual characters, words, phrases and sentences. Texts will be repetitive and easy to predict, and usually have pictures to aid comprehension. “Romaji” (English letters) will be used as extra support.

Writing: Students will be experimenting with the Japanese writing system and developing their own style. Whether tracing, copying or writing single characters, an emphasis is placed on correct stroke order.

Cultural Understanding: We will look at a variety of topics over the year, and reflect upon similarities and differences between Australia and Japan. Throughout our program there are plenty of opportunities for children to examine traditional Japanese artifacts and learn about a variety of festivals and folktales.

Please feel free to come and see the Japanese teacher, Amy Mackay in the Japanese room (Sharks Unit) if you would like to know more about our program.