Admissions / Enrolment Policy

We welcome admission enquiries throughout the year. Please phone the school (8248 3011) to make an appointment so that we can spend some time showing you our facilities and filling out the required forms.

It is vital that the information provided is correct. To ensure we can contact you easily, please inform us promptly of any phone number or address changes.

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Governing Council

Governing Councils work with the Principal to help set and monitor the direction of a site. Governing Council meets regularly to talk about the direction for the school. Our meetings are twice per term.

Governing Council meeting dates:

  • Meetings are set and are generally held in week 3 and 8 of each school term.
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North Haven School values and supports its volunteer work throughout the school. There are many opportunities to become involved in school in a volunteer capacity. We are always seeking volunteers to help out and support our learning programs and school services.

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Bell Times
8:30 am
Supervision of buildings and play area begins
8:50 am
Classroom doors open – children proceed into class.
8:55 am
Start of learning time.
11:10 am
11:30 am
End of recess play period
1:00 pm
Lunch to be eaten in class area
1:10 pm
Play bell
1:40 pm
End of lunch play period/lessons begin
3:10 pm
Dismissal *
3:25 pm
Supervision of buildings and play area finishes.


No supervision is provided either before 8:30 am or after 3:25 pm by the staff.

Children are not dismissed early during periods of hot weather as our buildings are air-conditioned.

Children should be at school by 8:50 am.

At the end of the school day, due to occupational health and safety guidelines, we request that you do not enter the units until after the bell has sounded.


North Haven School has a canteen which is operated by parent and friend volunteers.

The canteen is run in line with the ‘Right Bite’ Healthy Eating Guidelines.

Ordering and pricing for the canteen is via the Qkr App.